NFT Pre-Sales

The first multi-chain presale tool that empowers you the creator to drive sales and even sell out before mint date. Available for Solana, Ordinals, Ethereum & Polygon.

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Unleash the Power of NFT Pre-Sales with Magic Eden, powered by Helio

Setting up your NFT pre-sale is simple with Helio Pay Links. Customise in a few clicks with powerful features that will create hype and help you sell out before mint day.


Community Engagement

Collect Buyer info

Discord, Wallets and more. CSV exports, perfect for airdrops or mint claims.

Offer Exclusive Access

Wallet allowlisting, Discord-role gating and more. Evoke FOMO with a countdown. Ensure fairness with allocation settings per user and project.

Incentivise Your Community

Boost sales using affiliate links to reward those who help you close sales.

Community Management

Use our Discord bot to assign roles and manage your community. Simple claims process to drive more people to Discord.

Special Rewards

Entice buyers with giveaways, discount codes or NFT-linked promotions.

Flexible Management

Duplicate, disable and manage multiple pre-sale links, from individual investors to entire DAOs.

Payment Flexibility

Flexible Payment Options

Accept payments in BTC, SOL, MATIC, ETH, USDC and 100s of digital assets with swaps built-in.

Reach Web2 Users

Enable card payments and onboard web2 users with Helio Wallet.

Diversify with Ordinals

Pre-sell Ordinals NFTs in BTC or autocapture BTC addresses for ETH/SOL claims.

Hassle-Free Refunds

Process refunds directly from your dashboard with a single click.

Enhanced Trust

Trusted Payouts

Manage your payouts with your favourite wallet. From ledgers to multi-sig, you’re covered.

Verified Transactions

Enhance buyer confidence with merchant verification and safety tools.

Success Stories

Helio is a premier payments tool. The team is fantastic and quick to answer questions. The tool itself is as intuitive as it gets, and I was able to generate and send out pre-sale links effortlessly. The ability to customize parameters such as Discord role gating, and swaps & price fixing and data integration for MagicEden’s launchpad was extremely useful for Oogy’s pre-sale process as I had several different use cases across the 5900 pre-sold spots that we achieved via Helio.


Oogy Co-Founder